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obviously, a slice of the pie goes to the tour agency, guides, drivers, hotels, etc. What’s more interesting is the $65 per day going to the government’s “sustainable development fee”. Fancy name aside, this means around 30% of your money goes to free health care, free education, poverty relief, and infrastructure for Bhutan’s people. And unlike some of Bhutan’s less scrupulous neighbors, you can rest assured this money is actually being used as intended. Even to the average tourist, the results of this money are visible. I had extended English conversations with 12-year-olds, there’s a slick new highway being built across the country, and I was told stories of Bhutanese people being sent abroad for medical treatment… free of cost!
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Bhutan is the last Himalayan kingdom, shrouded in amazing snow Peak Mountains and shadowy forests that create picturesque landscape. But that’s not all; the unique and best thing about Bhutan is that it is the only country that is 72% covered in forests making it not only carbon-neutral but the world’s only carbon negative country. Apart from this, Bhutan is a place where traditional Buddhist culture meets majestic fortress like dzongs and monasteries, it is undoubtedly a magical and mystical place to be. Its unique monastic architecture and the graffiti on the walls that bear paintings of penises as a sign to drive away the evil make Bhutan a sui generis destination. Reputed to be the last Shangri La, this one of its kind country is certainly the best place to visit for family vacation, honeymoon tours and even for adventure holidays.
            Advantages of a visit to Bhutan with Us
Citizens of India, Bangladesh need no visa or entrance fees to travel in Bhutan and are the only citizens that have the license for independent travel. Comfortable and convenient to travel in the country. Bhutan is not expensive. Experience Bhutan’s natural wonder first-hand when exploring the beautiful nation. Travel across the mountain passes- dazzling with rhododendrons in spring. Trek across the mountains and witness the flora & fauna riches, unique mammals & birds protected in several national parks.
     Welcome to Bhutan With Bhutan Travellhari
We specialize in guiding you to exprience the uncommon elements of Bhutan. We take great pleasure in customizing tours which are off the beaten path and provide unforgettable adventures.

Bhutan Travellhari

Bhutan Travel Lhari is a well-established travel company in Bhutan specializing in personalized trips for guests looking for ‘the real Bhutan experience.’ Our approach to travel is authentic and personalized.


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