Matsutake Mushroom Festival

Genekha, a secluded village in Thimphu hosts an annual two day mushroom festival in August. During the festival the villagers promote the popular Tricholoma Matsutake. This coveted mushroom is known for its aromatic and succulent flavor. Locally known as “Sangay Shamu”, the wild produce can only be harvested seasonally from the forest and cannot be cultivated thus making it a prized produce.

For the community members, harvesting the wild mushroom is a major source of their income. Over the years, these mushrooms have been imported to Japan and other countries increasing the demand for the wild fungus. The festival includes cultural performances to entertain the visitors while other stalls promote sustainable agriculture and ecotourism. Info graphic on different types of mushrooms can also be found to educate the visitors. The highlight of the festival includes engaging in mushroom picking activity and trying out the matsutake mushroom soup.

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Matsutake Mushroom Festival

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